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About us

Rape Crisis England & Wales is the charity working to end sexual violence and abuse.

We provide specialist information and support to all those affected by rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and all other forms of sexual violence and abuse in England and Wales.

We are also the membership organisation for Rape Crisis centres. Together, we aim to educate, influence and make change.

An illustration shows a group of women of different ages and ethnic backgrounds chatting together.

Our vision

A world without sexual violence, where all women and girls live safely, freely and with dignity.

An illustration shows four women standing and sitting together, chatting. One of the women is pregnant while another woman is in a wheelchair. One of the other two women has placed a supportive hand on the shoulder of the woman in the wheelchair.

Our mission

We work for women and girls – in partnership with our member centres – to

transform attitudes to sexual violence, improve responses to all victims and survivors, and end sexual violence in all its forms.

An angry-looking protester holds a placard reading, 'End Rape Culture', while punching the air.

What we mean when we use the term 'sexual violence'

We’re talking about any kind of sexual activity that happens to someone without their consent.

This includes rape, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual exploitation and sexual harassment, among many other things.

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A young woman looks terrified as we see her confronted by two young men in the street. They have our backs to us so we can't see their faces.

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