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About us

On this page, you'll find information about who we are and what we believe in, our vision for the future and what we're doing to get us there.

Who we are

Rape Crisis England & Wales is the feminist charity working to end sexual violence and abuse.

We are also the membership organisation for Rape Crisis centres across England and Wales. Together with our 39 member centres, we work to deliver specialist services to those affected by sexual violence and abuse, and aim to educate, influence and make change.

A Rape Crisis England & Wales placard reading 'END RAPE CULTURE.' is seen at the Million Women Rise march in London on 4th March 2023. In the background is a policeman and protesters.

Our vision

We want a world without sexual violence where all women and girls live safely, freely and with dignity.

Our mission

We work for women and girls, in partnership with our member centres, to:

➡️ Transform attitudes about sexual violence and abuse.

➡️ Improve responses for all victims and survivors.

➡️ End sexual violence and abuse in all its forms.

Two older women sit at a table with tea cups on it and are laughing together.

How we do it

To achieve our mission, we believe that Rape Crisis England & Wales has a crucial role to play in:

  • Believing victims and survivors, and helping them to get their voices heard.
  • Fighting for victims and survivors to have access to specialist support.
  • Raising awareness about the prevalence and impacts of sexual violence and abuse, and challenging rape culture.
  • Influencing change in all aspects of public policy relating to sexual violence and abuse.

We are committed to intersectional feminism, anti-racism and anti-oppression.

➡️ Read our anti-racism statement

A young woman wearing a beige hoodie and blue jeans talks to a young female counsellor. Both are sitting on a sofa.

Our strategic priorities 2022-25

Ensuring survivors can access support

We will fight for all women and girls to have access to specialist sexual violence and abuse services, and work alongside them to make sure that their voices are heard.

Supporting member Rape Crisis centres

We will offer support to members that is aimed at helping them to improve the lives of survivors.

Influencing change

We will push to influence policy, practice and public opinion for the benefit of all victims and survivors, and our member centres. This will involve standing up to those in power and making sure that they listen to the voices of women and girls.

Developing our organisation

We will make sure that how we work is in line with our intersectional feminist and anti-racist values. This will involve understanding how power operates in our organisation, making sure that our governance body (our board) is representative, diverse and fit for purpose, and lifting up the next generation of the Rape Crisis movement's leaders.

We will sustainably grow the resources we need to achieve our goals and make real change.

Our values

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