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Want to talk?

If you are aged 16+ and have experienced rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse or any type of sexual violence – or you're not sure – you can talk to us.

Call 0808 802 9999 or chat to us online.

About the helpline

Our helpline is free, anonymous and confidential.

If you get in touch, you can take the conversation at your own pace, and you only need to talk about what you are comfortable with sharing.

We will always listen to you and believe you, and never judge you.

It doesn't matter whether it happened recently or a long time ago - we are here for you.

Call 0808 802 9999 - we are open 24/7 every day of the year.

Rape Crisis 247 Helpline 01

This is not an emergency or crisis service. If you are in immediate danger or need urgent medical attention, please call 999.

Who can access the helpline?

Our helpline is for anybody aged 16 or over who has been affected by rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault, or any other type of sexual violence.

It doesn’t matter whether it happened recently or a long time ago, we are here for you.

It also doesn’t matter if you have or haven’t told the police about what happened.

We can also give information and support to friends and family, as well as professionals supporting victims and survivors.

What will happen during a call or chat?

During a call or a chat, we are here to listen and support you.

You don’t need to tell us anything that you’re not comfortable sharing. But if you do want to talk about what happened, we will always listen and never judge.

We won’t tell you what to do or put any pressure on you. Instead, we’ll tell you what options are available, and help you think about what you’d like to do next (if anything). It’s also fine if you aren’t sure or if you just want to talk.

You can take the conversation at your pace, and you can end the call or chat at any time.

More information about the helpline

Is it a private conversation?

The Helpline is an anonymous and confidential service.

This means that we do not take any contact details before you start a call or a chat. We also do not share any of your information with anyone else, except in rare circumstances where a child or vulnerable adult may be at risk of serious harm.

📞 If you speak on the phone, the other person won’t be able to see your phone number.

💬 If you contact us by webchat, the other person will be able to see the IP address of the device you are using.

More about your privacy

Thinking about getting in touch?

We know that getting in touch for the first time can feel like a very big step - but we are here for you.

Whether you contact our helpline or one of our member Rape Crisis Centres, we will always listen to you, believe you and support you.

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Rape Crisis 247 helpline 02

Not ready to get in touch?

We also have self-help information, tools and resources.

Learn more about how you might be feeling, and get information about what you can do to take care of yourself.

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