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Donate to us

We're working hard towards a world without sexual violence and abuse – but we need your help to do it.

If you can, please donate today to keep our vital work going. We are so grateful to all of our supporters.

Make a one-off donation | Set up a monthly payment

Can you give a regular donation?

Regular monthly donations are so important for us.

They help us to predict how much money we're going to receive in the future. And this means we can plan our work better and be more proactive in our fight for victims and survivors.

No matter how much you can give monthly, every donation makes a real difference.

Thank you so much for your support.

Set up a regular monthly payment
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Or can you make a one-off donation?

We know it's not possible for everyone to commit to a monthly payment. And one-off gifts are also really valuable for us.

They allow us to divert extra money to where it's needed most and become more sustainable as an organisation.

Make a one-off donation
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Your donation matters

Whatever you're able to give, your support allows us to:

📣 Raise awareness of the prevalence and impact of sexual violence and abuse in all its forms.

‎⚖️ Fight for systems change to create better responses in justice, health, education and across society for victims and survivors of sexual violence and abuse.

💜 Work to make sure that specialist support is available to victims and survivors whenever they need it.

If you prefer, you can also donate through payroll giving!

Payroll giving is a regular donation that's taken out of your salary before it ever goes into your bank account on payday. And it has lots of benefits:

  • It's easy! Once it's all set up, donations go out automatically.
  • Donations are tax-free, which means that we end up with more money at no extra cost to you.
  • We receive 100% of every payroll giving donation – so no losing out on commission or other fees.

Want to donate to your local Rape Crisis centre?

Donations made to Rape Crisis England & Wales help us to support our 39 member centres. However, they do not directly fund the local services that our member centres provide to victims and survivors.

If you'd like to donate to your local Rape Crisis centre, please contact them directly.

Have you thought about fundraising for us?

From sponsored runs and skydives to bake sales and pub quizzes, you can raise money for Rape Crisis England & Wales in all sorts of ways.

Got questions or want to share your fundraising story with us? Email us at fundraising@rapecrisis.org.uk – we'd love to hear from you!

Find out more
Woman and a man mid-air doing a sky dive to raise money for Rape Crisis England & Wales

Following a difficult year where violence against women and girls seemed devastatingly pervasive and women’s safety was high on the agenda, it’s more important than ever to show solidarity and come together to do something positive.

Sara Kilner, Fundraising and Partnerships Lead