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Some of the ways that our newsletter community has already helped to make change:

✉️ They helped us to send nearly 1,000 emails to MPs, asking them to attend a briefing in December 2022 about our Keep Counselling Confidential campaign.

✍️ Survivors within the community took part in our Survivor Engagement Survey in October 2022. The results of this will help us to decide how best to work with survivors going forward – making sure that their voices are at the centre of everything we do.

🏃‍♀️ Lots of subscribers have taken part in our annual Step Out in Solidarity fundraising challenge, which was nominated for a JustGiving award in 2022.

Stronger together

The Rape Crisis movement is as much about solidarity as it is about fighting back against the systems that oppress us.

Our newsletter is a way to bring together people from across the country – and to harness this collective power to make real and positive change.

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Rape Crisis is a grassroots international movement that began in the early 1970s.

Facing governments, health services and criminal justice systems unwilling to help survivors of rape, child sexual abuse, sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence, women began to take matters into their own hands.

In November 1974, a group of around 40 women met in London to discuss the ongoing rape crisis and what to do about it. That meeting eventually led to the establishment of the UK's first ever Rape Crisis centre in England.

Since then, an entire network of Rape Crisis centres have been established by passionate groups of women around the country.

Today, Rape Crisis England & Wales, the national organisation representing this network, has 39 member centres in England and Wales.

And we continue to fight – because now, even 50 years on, politicians and public services are still failing victims and survivors.

So, until they're not, we'll still be here.

Let's keep making herstory together.

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