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Leave us a legacy

Leaving a gift in your will to Rape Crisis England and Wales means leaving a powerful legacy - contributing to a future free of sexual violence and abuse for all women and girls.

How to make a will

You could also set up a tribute for a loved one that has passed.

Illustration of two women walking in a park having a friendly conversation, one of the women is holding a camera. In the background there is a pond with ducks in it.

Whatever way you decide to write your will, if you want to leave us a legacy, the most important thing is to be clear and specific - naming Rape Crisis England & Wales and giving our address and charity registration number.

Write it yourself

It’s possible to write your own will. Templates are quite cheap and easy to find online or in stationery shops. But leaving out certain details could make your will invalid so you need to be careful with this option.

Find out more about this option and risks involved with DIY wills.

Use a solicitor

Using a solicitor to write your will is likely to be more expensive than doing it yourself. But it could reduce the risk of mistakes and give you peace of mind. It's likely to be a better option for you if you want to write anything more than a very simple, straightforward will.

Find out more and find a qualified solicitor

Charity schemes

There are a number of charitable schemes that let you have a will drawn up by a solicitor free of charge or for a suggested donation. Rape Crisis England & Wales doesn't endorse or benefit from any of these directly.

The largest examples are:

  • Free Wills Month: this runs twice a year, usually in March and October in certain parts of England and Wales. 
  • Will Aid: this runs in November, with around 1,000 solicitors taking part. You usually have to book in advance, as spaces on the scheme are limited and it can get busy. There’s a suggested minimum donation.