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The Rape Review – Two Years On

Our joint briefing looking at what's changed since the government released its End-to-End Rape Review Report in June 2021.

Produced in partnership with our sisters at the Centre for Women's Justice, the End Violence Against Women Coalition and Imkaan.

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What has the government achieved?

Positive change has started – but there is a long, long way to go

Charging rates remain shockingly low, specialist support remains seriously underfunded, and victims and survivors continue to face long waits for their cases to go to court.

Leadership and commitment on this issue must now urgently increase. Otherwise, we won't see any meaningful progress at the pace that is needed.

We cannot let victims and survivors down.

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The image shows a photo of the back of a statue of Lady Justice, holding up scales in her right hand.

About the Rape Review

In March 2019, the government announced that it was carrying out a so-called "end-to-end" review of the way that the criminal justice system handles rape cases in England and Wales.

This was in response to a collapse in the (already low) number of reported rape cases that resulted in someone being charged – and the pressure that followed from organisations in the violence against women and girls sector, including Rape Crisis England & Wales.

After carrying out this review, the government published a report of its findings and proposed actions for tackling the crisis in June 2021. This was officially called the End-to-End Rape Review Report on Findings and Actions.

Useful links

Breaking Point: our April 2023 report on the retraumatisation of victims and survivors of rape and sexual abuse in the Crown Court's backlog of cases.

The Decriminalisation of Rape: our joint November 2020 report looking at why the justice system is failing rape survivors and what needs to change. Produced in partnership with the Centre for Women's Justice, the End Violence Against Women Coalition and Imkaan.

What we said one year on from the Rape Review