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Thank you for your donation!

Your support really means the world to us. And will help us work towards a future free from sexual violence and abuse.

With love and solidarity,

The Rape Crisis England & Wales team x

What your money allows us to do

📣 Raise awareness of the prevalence and impact of sexual violence and abuse in all its forms.

‎⚖️ Fight for systems change to create better responses in justice, health, education and across society for victims and survivors of sexual violence and abuse.

💜 Work to make sure that specialist support is available to victims and survivors whenever they need it.

A Rape Crisis England & Wales placard reading 'END RAPE CULTURE.' is seen at the Million Women Rise march in London on 4th March 2023. In the background is a policeman and protesters.

Feeling worried about someone you know?

We have lots of information and resources that can help you to help them.

Find tips on supporting a survivor
Side shot of a young woman sitting at a desk in school looking ahead of her. Her pencil case and two academic books are also on the desk.