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Rape Crisis comments on increased reports of drink spiking in nightclubs

We’re extremely concerned to hear about the increased reports of spiking in nightclubs, particularly worrying are the reports that this is happening via injection. Spiking someone with drugs or alcohol can have severe health impacts, leave them vulnerable to crime and have a lasting impact on their wellbeing. The idea that men are now going into nightclubs to directly target and inject women is horrifying and demonstrates the level of misogyny and violence that women face when trying to go about their lives.  

We have read of women feeling worried and anxious about going out, taking extra precautions to protect themselves and their friends, and boycotting clubs to demand increased safety measures are put in place. Women should be able to go out and enjoy themselves without having to constantly think about their safety.

We need to see a concerted effort from the police and nightclubs to keep women safe; that means taking these reports seriously, outlining what they plan to do to stop this happening and making it clear how they will ensure the welfare of women on nights out.  

If you are concerned that you have been sexually assaulted whilst spiked, support is available to you. Visit the Get Help section of our website here for more information.