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Calls to address misogyny and racism in the Metropolitan police

The latest report by The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) outlines horrific accounts of bullying, racism, and misogyny, including the sharing of messages where they joke about rape and killing black children. The gross attempts by officers to minimise their behaviour and pass it off as ‘laddish banter’ is a clear example of systemic misogyny and racism, and evidence of the toxic culture that has gone unchecked for far too long.

There must now be action taken to address this culture within the Metropolitan Police.  Time and again we have seen the blatant display of misogyny and racism by its officers, time and again we are given apologies and told their actions are not representative of the Metropolitan Police Service, and yet here we are again with reports of more appalling behaviour.

We call upon the Metropolitan Police to be accountable for these behaviours and to commit to change and the actions recommended by the IOPC. If we are to have trust in a system designed to protect us, we need to see accountability for those who abuse their positions of power. This calls for affirmative action. These are not the actions of a ‘few bad apples’, they are the actions of those who feel emboldened to commit abuse under the protection of the system.

The IOPC has set out a number of recommendations in their report, and we urge the Metropolitan Police to take swift action in implementing these.

We stand in support and solidarity with Centre for Women’s Justice and demand a full public inquiry into violence and misogyny in the police. Please support this campaign by reading more and donating to the Crowdfunder here