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Yougov poll on London transport

30 Mar 2012


 Shocking poll results revealed as Women’s Coalition launches London election manifesto & call on candidates 

A YouGov survey for the End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW) 

Published today (30 March) reveals that almost twice as many women in London as men say they do not feel safe using London public transport at all times of day and night (28% of women as to 15% of men). 

The survey is published as the EVAW Coalition launches its London election manifesto and a call on candidates to pledge to ‘make London the world’s safest city for women.’ 

Of women in the survey who chose to comment further on their feelings about safety when travelling in London, the highest number said they wanted to see action on transport staffing – including wanting more staff, better training for staff, and staff to be more visible.  

An alarming number of women said that they did not feel safe when travelling at night with some avoiding doing so because of safety fears. When asked for comments, some women reported that they had personal experience of, or a friend or family member had experience of, sexual harassment or sexual assault when travelling in London.

The EVAW Coalition commissioned the YouGov survey in order to highlight the everyday impact of women’s safety fears on women’s choices about using London public transport.  These fears are strongly related to the threat and the reality of violence in the lives of thousands of women and girls in London.

Professor Liz Kelly, Co-Chair of the EVAW Coalition said:

“We are constantly hearing that the big issues in this election are policing, transport and housing. For many women and girls our safety is an everyday political issue and is part of policing, transport, housing and more. 

London’s mayor has already lead the development of an excellent strategy on ending violence against women and girls – which has been admired by other UK cities and around the world. We need to see a commitment to renewing and improving this strategy, and truly leading London to become the world’s safest city for women.”