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The Silence around Sexual Violence is Broken: Now we must show our support for survivors

5 May 2015

With less than 48 hours to go before the polling booths open, Rape Crisis today (5th May 2015) invites parliamentary candidates who have not yet signed the ABC Pledge to do so now, signalling their recognition of the scale and seriousness of sexual violence in our communities, and declaring their support for and commitment to the needs and rights of survivors.

100 candidates from a range of parties, including Green Party leader Natalie Bennett and ministers Jo Swinson and Lynne Featherstone, have signed the ABC Pledge so far.  

Rape Crisis spokeswoman Katie Russell said:

"Though the General Election is just a couple of days away, it's not too late to let the candidates in your consituency know how important the issue of sexual violence is to you and to ask them to demonstrate that it's something they take seriously too.

If you don't see the candidates you're considering voting for on the list (above), why not Tweet or e-mail them now?"