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The devastating death of Eleanor de Freitas

7 Nov 2014

Rape Crisis England & Wales became aware yesterday (6th November 2014) of the tragic suicide of Eleanor de Freitas in April this year.

Spokesperson Katie Russell said:

 “Rape Crisis England & Wales is deeply saddened and disturbed by this news and extends its sincere condolences to Eleanor’s friends and family at this extremely difficult time.

We welcome the Director of Public Prosecutions’ commitment to investigate this case personally.

It should not be forgotten that of the 85,000 women and 10,000 men who are raped in England and Wales every year, the Government estimates that currently only 15% choose to report to the police.

Through our 40 years’ frontline experience of providing specialist, confidential and independent support and advocacy services to sexual violence survivors, we know that among the reasons for this incredibly low reporting rate are feelings of shame, self-blame and fear.

Many survivors fear their perpetrators and what they might do; likewise, many also fear not being believed and being re-victimised by the criminal justice process. 

This process is undoubtedly challenging for anyone who has experienced such a serious violent crime as rape and often even more so for those with mental health problems or learning disabilities.” 

Rape Crisis services are for survivors of sexual violence regardless of how long ago their experiences took place or whether or not they’ve reported to the police; find further details here.