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Rape Crisis supports 'Sammy's Law' campaign

6 Oct 2017

Rape Crisis England & Wales has expressed its support for Sammy Woodhouse's campaign for a 'Sammy's Law'. 

A spokeswoman said:

"We know that children who are groomed for sexual exploitation and sexual abuse can also be groomed or coerced by the same perpetrator(s) into committing crime. This is a tactic offenders use to further silence their victims, holding these crimes over them as a threat that, should they choose to speak out about the sexual abuse and exploitation they're experiencing, they themselves will get in trouble or be punished, or not be believed or taken seriously because they've broken the law.  

Victims and survivors of sexual violence in childhood already have to live with the wide-ranging, often lifelong, sometimes devastating impacts of the abuse they've been subjected to. Expunging the criminal records they've acquired as a direct result of this terrible abuse is one way we can try to reduce the disadvantage that survivors and victims of child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation experience, and support them to move forward positively with their lives.

Sammy is a tireless campaigner for the rights of fellow victims and survivors, with first-hand knowledge and understanding of these issues, and Rape Crisis supports her in her campaign."

Rape Crisis also continues to call for a full review and overhaul of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICS), which it believes discriminates against victims and survivors of child sexual abuse and exploitation in a number of ways, including sometimes refusing claims on the basis of victims' criminal records. 

Full details of Rape Crisis' concerns about the CICS can be found in this submission to the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA):