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Rape Crisis supports All Kids Count campaign

26 Jun 2019

On Wednesday 26th June 2019, a coalition of charity partners including Rape Crisis England & Wales, the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and Women's Aid launched its All Kids Count campaign, calling on the Government to end its discriminatory two-child tax credit limit.

The two-child tax credit limit means parents no longer receive Child Tax Credit or Universal Credit for any third or subsequent children born after April 2017.

The 52 charities who are supporting the All Kids Count campaign are deeply concerned about the detrimental impacts the two-child tax credit limit is already having and will continue to have on children and families. They are calling on the Government to lift the limit immediately.

Katie Russell, on behalf of Rape Crisis England & Wales, said:

“Rape Crisis England & Wales member Centres are seeing a marked increase in sexual violence survivors seeking support from their specialist advocacy services around issues related to poverty. It's clear the current welfare agenda is having severely detrimental effects on women already living with the long-term, wide-ranging health and social impacts of rape and sexual abuse. 

“From our frontline experience, we know it’s near-impossible for a survivor to engage meaningfully in counselling to recover from her experiences, or consider entering a lengthy criminal justice process, if she’s worrying about feeding her children or keeping a roof over their heads. 

“The two-child tax credit limit is punitive and discriminatory, and the so-called ‘rape clause’ completely fails to recognise the challenges or impacts of disclosing. This is why we’re part of the All Kids Count campaign.” 

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