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Rape Crisis response to Powys woman jailed for false retraction

8 Nov 2010

Please find below our statement in response to news that a 28 year old woman from Powys has been jailed for False Retraction:

Rape Crisis (England and Wales) are outraged that yet again a woman is being punished and criminalised for choosing not to pursue her case through the criminal justice system (CJS).

This flies in the face of any progress that has been made in the last few years around how the CJS responds to women who have been raped.

We are shocked that this woman has received a custodial sentence and by the length of it.  It highlights a complete lack of understanding of the complexity and reality of women’s experience of violence in their lives.

The act of making a false retraction is not an offence in its own right and we are calling for her immediate release and for an investigation into how this shocking situation has arisen. 

You can read more about the story on the BBC news website here