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Rape Crisis responds to victim-blaming comments by sentencing judge

15 Jan 2015

Rape Crisis England & Wales spokeswoman Katie Russell said:

“Rape Crisis is appalled by the completely inappropriate comments recently made by Judge Joanna Greenberg QC during her sentencing of a man for sexual offences.

Crucially, Judge Greenberg failed to recognise that 100% of the culpability for any sexual offence lies with its perpetrator, or to take account of the fact that this particular perpetrator abused his position of trust.

It is particularly disappointing that these comments come just a week after the launch of the new Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) & Police Rape Protocol, which promises positive change in attitudes towards sexual violence survivors within the criminal justice system.

Judge Greenberg’s victim-blaming sentiments are by no means the first to be expressed in court by legal professionals and through our frontline work Rape Crisis knows the damage and devastation they cause.

Until judges are held accountable for such comments, we can’t achieve the kind of cultural shift necessary to ensure both criminal and social justice for survivors within our legal system.”

All survivors of sexual violence can find informationon this website.