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Rape Crisis responds to Dame Elish Angiolini report

2 Jun 2015

In response to today’s (2nd June 2015) press release from the Metropolitan Police Service and Crown Prosecution Service about the independent review into the investigation and prosecution of rape in London, Rape Crisis England & Wales spokeswoman Katie Russell said:

“Rape Crisis welcomes the commitment to transparency, scrutiny and improvement that the commissioning and publication of this report from Dame Elish Anglioni into the investigation and prosecution of rape cases represents.

It’s encouraging to hear both the Crown Prosecution Service and the Metropolitan Police express such determination to improve the criminal justice experience for sexual violence survivors.

We’re particularly pleased that both services intend to implement recommendations such as an increase in specialist training without delay.

It should be noted, nonetheless, that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard positive sentiments such as these from criminal justice agencies and it is imperative now that encouraging words are translated into real action and cultural change.

Rape Crisis fully supports any call for increased resourcing to meet the unprecedented demand from sexual violence survivors since Operation Yewtree; the need for specialist, independent Rape Crisis support and advocacy has never been greater and sustained, dedicated funding for such services must be recognised by the Government as an urgent priority. 

Despite the rise in sexual violence survivors reporting to the police, we must not forget that the majority still choose not to pursue criminal justice; this choice is their right and makes them no less deserving of social justice, in the form of access to specialist Rape Crisis services.”