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Parole Board rules John Worboys must stay in prison

20 Nov 2018

On Monday 19th November 2018, the Parole Board announced its decision not to release serial sexual offender John Worboys from prison. 

Reasons behind the refusal to release have been reported as ‘risk factors’, including ‘sexual preoccupation, a sense of sexual entitlement and a belief rape is acceptable’.  

Earlier this year, two survivors of Worboys' sexual offending, DSD and NBV, brought a judicial review challenge of the previous Parole Board decision to release him from prison. As a result, the High Court ordered the Parole Board to carry out a 'fresh determination' in the case. 

The Centre for Women's Justice and Birnberg Peirce solicitors, who represented DSD and NBV, have issued a statement expressing their clients' 'huge relief' at the decision not to release Worboys. 

DSD said: 

“I feel vindicated, we were right all along and didn’t make it up. We knew this man was a danger to women and we felt compelled to take action. It was the right decision for us to act and thank goodness we did.” 

Rape Crisis England & Wales said: 

“Today’s decision is the appropriate one.  

We believe this case has highlighted the urgent need for more openness, transparency and reforms throughout the criminal justice system, which currently fails victims and survivors of rape and sexual abuse all too often. 

We want to honour and pay tribute to the two survivors who have fought with such tenacity to hold the state to account." 

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