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Ministry of Justice announces funding for sexual violence & abuse services

7 Nov 2018

Today (Wednesday 7th November 2018), the Government has released a £24 million funding pot to support specialist sexual violence and abuse services for up to 3 years. 

This represents a 10% increase on the funding previously available for Rape Crisis Centres and other specialist providers from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). 

Rape Crisis England & Wales said: 

“Demand for independent, specialist Rape Crisis services is at unprecedented levels and continues to rise each year. 

In 2017-18, our member Rape Crisis Centres provided over 650,000 sessions of specialist support, counselling and advocacy to more than 78,000 victims and survivors of child sexual abuse, rape and all forms of sexual violence. 

This is the only dedicated, central government funding for sexual violence and abuse organisations and recognises the significant need for these vital services, and the considerable expertise and experience of our specialist sector. 

Today's announcement of an increase in funding is also a credit to the victims and survivors who have campaigned for better resourcing of specialist services in recent months and years. 

Three-year core grants also provide some much-needed stability for Rape Crisis Centres, enabling them to focus more energy on service delivery and further development, and less on survival. 

Rape Crisis hopes other departments will follow the Ministry of Justice’s positive lead to build a sustainable model of cross-government funding that ensures all sexual violence and abuse victims and survivors receive the specialist services they need, when they need them.” 

Find the full press release from the Ministry of Justice here