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Map of Gaps 2 launched

7 May 2009

Women who experience violence are left without support in 1 in 4 local areas in Britain.

Each year in the UK 3 million women experience rape, domestic violence, stalking or other violence and many more are living with the legacy of abuse experienced in the past or as a child. Yet in many parts of Britain there is a shocking failure to ensure that women have access to vital support services such as Rape Crisis Centres, refuges and domestic violence outreach  projects.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the End Violence Against Women (EVAW) coalition have launched Map of Gaps, a groundbreaking campaign and website which includes interactive maps showing what level of support is available in your area. The maps show that a minority of areas have good levels of support, however for too many women services are patchy or even non-existent.

"There are very few sexual violence services in our area and some women travel 70 miles each way to get support from us. This is simply unacceptable."  Maggie Parks, Women's Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre, Cornwall

The EHRC and EVAW are calling for urgent action by national and local governments and other public bodies to ensure that all women have the support they need. Visit the Map of Gaps website to see what services are available in your area using our interactive maps. The website contains lots of information about violence against women and why women need specialised support services.

Take Action!
Use the template letters on the website to contact your parliamentary or assembly representative or local authority to demand better support for women in your area. Ask to meet your Member of Parliament, Member of the Scottish Parliament or Assembly Member. Ask them to pledge on the website to take action for better services by meeting the local authority, the health authority or contacting the Minister to discuss funding to ensure that all women have the support they need, wherever they live in Britain.

Click here to download a copy of the full Map of Gaps 2 report

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