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Join Our Discussion Room: Online Events for Women

7 Jun 2017

The online* events are part of our new ‘Weaving the Web’ project. 

You will not be asked to share your personal experiences, give your name or identify yourself. We just want to know your thoughts and ideas around the online services that we could create for women and girls and how we could ensure these services are accessible.

We know that women and girls can struggle to get the support they need in relation to rape or sexual abuse. Waiting times for support can be long, helplines can be hard to get through to and not all women can easily access centre support. There has been increased demand for services in recent years and we want to make it easier for support to be accessed. We are especially keen to provide more options for support and improve accessibility for women and girls who can't or don't want to go to Centre. This might be for childcare or family reasons, for example, or because they live in a rural area a long way away from a Rape Crisis Centre and with poor public transport links.

 For these online events we'll be prioritising women who've experienced rape, sexual abuse or any form of sexual violence and identify themselves as living in rural areas or have not previously accessed support services for rape or sexual abuse. Places will then be assigned on a first come first served basis.

The online sessions are being held online on:

Thursday 22nd June   19:00-20:30

Thursday 22nd June   21:00-22:30

Saturday 24th June      9:30-11:00

You will be welcomed into the event by Rape Crisis England & Wales facilitators and there will be a maximum of ten attendees at each session.

Click here to express your interest. 

Once you’ve submitted your expression of interest we will confirm that you are booked onto the session with details on how to take part. As a thank you for your participation in the discussion, you'll receive a £10 e-voucher that you can use in a variety of shops.

* Online services means using the internet, on a computer, tablet or smartphone to get help, advice or information.

* Online events are events that involve people interacting and discussing ideas on the internet, rather than meeting in a physical location. Our events are interactive, looking and feeling a lot like a physical event would, with PowerPoint slides and videos. Don’t worry if you've never been on an online event before; we will send you simple instructions on how to take part.