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Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland highlights 'degrading' treatment of sexual violence survivors in justice system

20 Nov 2017

Specialist umbrella charity Rape Crisis Scotland is calling for radical reform of the Scottish system for rape prosecutions after an official report from the Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland, published last week (16th November), described the 'horrendous' experiences of many women in court and quoted one woman as saying it was 'worse than being raped.'

Rape Crisis Scotland's chief executive Sandy Brindley said:

"For a survivor to describe the process of seeking justice as being worse than being raped is a statement that should concern us all.

"What women are telling us is that their experience of the justice process, and particularly of giving evidence in court, is so traumatic that even in cases where there is a conviction, the cost of getting justice was too high."

Find the full news release from our sister organisation Rape Crisis Scotland here.

Download the Thematic Review of the Investigation and Prosecution of Sexual Crimes from the Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland here. 

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