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Government to award an additional £5 million funding to specialist sexual violence support services

18 Sep 2019

Today (18th September) the government announced that it will award an additional £5 million worth of funding to specialist sexual violence support services. Out of the £5 million, £1 million will be invested into recruiting more ISVAs, with the government stating that new national minimum standards for ISVAs will also be developed to ensure victims across the country receive consistent, high-quality support.

Additionally, as part of the Victims’ Strategy , the Government have committed to consulting on a revised Victims’ Code and to enshrine victims’ rights in law.

Rape Crisis England & Wales is encouraged by the announcement of much-needed additional funding for specialist Rape Crisis Centres, and by the Government’s recognition for specialist services for victims and survivors. Amelia Handy, Policy Officer for Rape Crisis England & Wales says:

“This uplift funding will contribute towards specialist Rape Crisis service delivery at a time when need, demand and service provision are at unprecedented levels. Last year, nearly 80,000 individuals, the majority of which self-referred, accessed Rape Crisis services.

As public awareness grows along with increased demand, Rape Crisis England & Wales will continue raising the need for a longer-term sustainable funding model.”