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Disrespect NoBody

3 Feb 2017

Yesterday (Thursday 2nd February 2017), the Home Office launched the second phase of its Disrespect NoBody campaign, which will continue until the end of March 2017. The campaign is focussed on digital and mobile, and will also run on TV aimed at young people, such as The Brit Awards and the Big Bang Theory, on radio, Spotify, cinema and online, including catch up TV, X-Box, YouTube and Snapchat. 

The aim of the Disrespect NoBody campaign is to prevent young people, both boys and girls aged 12 to 18 years old, from becoming perpetrators and victims of abusive relationships. 

For 2017 the focus of the campaign will be consent and sexting, which are both issues where many young people need more education and information. The campaign advertising directs young people to the website where they can get further information and signposts them to organisations who can provide support, like Rape Crisis.

Rape Crisis Co-Chair Dianne Whitfield said:

"Contrary to widespread belief, consent is not a 'grey area.' It's clear in law that someone consents to sex when they agree by choice and have the freedom and capacity to make that choice. That means that if someone is asleep or unconscious, too drunk or shocked or scared to move or communicate, they can't consent. But despite this clear definition, successive studies and media stories make it clear that the concept of consent still causes confusion, not least of all among young people.

This is why Rape Crisis is pleased the Home Office has chosen to focus on this crucial topic through its Disrespect NoBody campaign. It's time to demystify consent once and for all. We must send the clear message that we all have responsibility to ensure that anyone we engage in any sexual activity with is fully consenting and, if in doubt, to stop. Because sexual activity without consent is sexual violence and sexual violence has long-term, damaging consequences.

If you've experienced sexual violence, it wasn't your fault and you are not alone. Explore this website for more information and for details of your nearest confidential, independent, specialist Rape Crisis services."