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Charter for the Rights of Women Seeking Asylum

30 Jan 2015

In recent months, important new initiatives have come into play for women facing rape and violence abroad. But women seeking asylum in the UK are falling through a protection gap.

As signatories to the Women's Asylum CharterRape Crisis believe that no woman seeking asylum should have to tell her story:

  • in front of her children
  • to a male interviewer or interpreter if she is not comfortable with this
  • to someone who doesn’t understand how trauma affects memory
  • without being given counselling
  • without information about her rights as a woman in the asylum system

We believe that five particular measures in William Hague and Angelina Jolie’s international agreement are also vitally important for women seeking asylum in the UK.

We ask that these measures be put in place in the asylum system now:

  1. Provide childcare during screening and asylum interviews
  2. Guarantee that women can have a female interviewer and interpreter if they choose
  3. Training for interviewers and interpreters on sexual violence, trauma and memory
  4. Counselling and support for trauma for women who have experienced gender-based harm
  5. Information about the asylum process, rights and entitlements specific to women seeking asylum

You can send a Protection Gap postcard to your MP by clicking here now.

Demonstrating the broad support enjoyed by the Women's Asylum Charter is key to its success in pushing for further change. You can read the current list of Charter endorsers here and organisations who wish to endose the Charter can email [email protected]

For more information you can visit the Asylum Aid website here.