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10 survivors speak out on Channel 5 documentary 'Raped: My Story'

23 Nov 2017

Despite the number of rapes reported to the police doubling in the last 5 years, and paralleling the unprecedented and rising levels of need and demand for specialist Rape Crisis services in England and Wales, conviction rates remain unacceptably low and represent only a tiny fraction of the number of rapes that happen every year.

The hour-long Channel 5 documentary film Raped: My Story, made by Lambent Productions with support from Rape Crisis England & Wales and its members and airing at 9pm last night (Weds 22nd Nov 2017), showcases some of the real stories behind the statistics. 

Through the testimony of ten survivors, the experience from the emotional and psychological impact to the interrogation of the legal process was very honestly brought to life. Every account reflects a deeply personal experience, but common themes echo across the film, giving insight into what survivors and victims think and feel, how they are treated, and what determines and informs their actions afterwards.

“Rape isn’t just one night, it isn’t the event, it’s what happens afterwards”.

“The shame was just a massive, massive weight that crushes you, and it stops you from speaking out. And also, that huge fear that you’ll tell someone and they won’t believe you”.

Louise Williams, Rape Crisis England & Wales Trustee and Service Director at Gloucestershire Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre (GRASAC), a member Rape Crisis Centre that supported one of the survivors featured in the film, said: 

“We were very pleased to be involved with this. Thanks go to Lambent Productions for showcasing this very complex and emotional subject that still requires constant campaigning and programmes such as this to raise awareness."

Lambent Production’s Managing Director Emma Wakefield commented:

“What makes this film so strong are the words of those survivors who have been brave enough to share the intimate detail of their stories. It’s been a privilege to make it, and we’re hugely grateful to Channel 5 for the bold and original thinking behind the commission.”

Raped: My Story is available to watch on My5 now: 

For specialist support around the themes raised in this film, find details of your nearest Rape Crisis here.