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Browsealoud - Quick Reference Card

Tools Description Symbol User Notes
Hover to speak On by default – will read any text out loud when you hover over it or click on it from a touchscreen. Hover over any text to hear it read aloud – or click text from a touchscreen. To stop the audio, press this ‘Hover to Speak’ button.
Play As an alternative to ‘Hover to Speak’, this feature allows the user to select any text to have it read aloud. Switch off ‘Hover to Speak’ by pressing the ‘Hover to Speak’ button. Select the text you wish to hear out loud and press the ‘Play’ button.
Translate page Translates the webpage into 99 languages and reads the translation in 40 of the most common languages. Click this button to translate the page. Select a language from the dropdown menu that appears.
MP3 Maker MP3 generator instantly converts online content into audio versions for easy offline listening. Select a piece of text then click this button to convert the text to MP3.
Screen Mask Blocks online clutter, letting the user focus on the text they want to read. Click this button to have the Screen Masking ruler appear. It will move with your mouse. You can change the ruler to a letterbox window in Settings.
Text Magnifier Magnifies text and reads it out loud. The magnified text is displayed with synchronous highlighting in a single line at the top of the screen as the text is being read aloud. When you select this button, the ruler appears on the screen. You can hover over, or click on any text to hear it read aloud when the ruler is switched on.
Web Page Simplifier Removes distracting content and displays only the main text - creating a simple view of the online information. Click this button to remove the distracting content.You can summarise the remaining text, change the font size and colour to suit your needs.
Settings Tailor the settings to suit your needs or preferences. Save your settings for future use. Adjust the highlight colours, magnifier size, voice speed, screen mask. You can have the magnifier, simplified view and the PDF viewer always on. You can announce links and edit the announcement.
Help Provides a brief description of each feature on the toolbar. Click this button to read the descriptions – you can read them out loud with Browsealoud.