Rape Crisis


Looking for some fundraising ideas? Check out a few of our fabulous current friends and supporters.


London 10k Run - 15th July 2018


The Virgin Sport London 10k is taking place on Sunday 15th July in Central London, and we have 6 amazing women running for Rape Crisis! You can support us too by sponsoring one of our runners - just click on the links below for some of their fundraising pages: 


Tilly Miller

Megan Gorman

Chloe Saville

Beth Thomas


Thank you to our brilliant runners, we really appreciate your support, and good luck for 15th July!


Lucy-Rose's Cello vs Mountain Challenge

Lucy-Rose is climbing Ben Nevis with her cello to play at the top, in support of Rape Crisis!


Check out her fundraising page here for more info and to donate: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lucy-rose-graham


Hannah is running for Rape Crisis


This year Hannah will be running more mileage than her car in the form of 

(at least) 1 half marathon, 2 marathons and a 50 mile ultra!


April 15th : Brighton Marathon

June 23rd : Kent 50 Mile Ultra

Oct 14th : Munich Marathon

Nov 25th : Ashford Half


You can support Hannah and Rape Crisis here: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Hannbeam  


Grace's SkydiveGrace skydived to raise money for us in March and is still collecting donations. Click here to show your support: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/grace-filmer1



Ellie Rose is running, cycling and swimming for Rape Crisis 



"In May 2017 I decided to sign up for a 10km run after spending all of my life being unfit and overweight, struggling with disordered eating and depression. That 10km quickly transitioned into half marathons, and then into triathlons with increasing distances. I do this not only for the personal challenge and enjoyment, but to show what women are capable of, and to show just how strong, both physically and mentally, we can be; no matter what life has done to us. I'm fundraising for Rape Crisis as I know so many women close to  me who have suffered from the trauma of sexual assault, and it is something that I myself am so aware of in everyday life. I would never want anyone to have to go through that trauma feeling alone."


Ellie Rose is running in a number of events this year culminating in the Yorkshire Marathon in October.


You can support Ellie Rose and Rape Crisis here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ellie-rose5


Geth's Great North Run  

Geth is taking part in the Great North Run in September to raise funds for RCEW. 

"During my PhD I was made aware of the amazing work that Rape Crisis England & Wales and sister organisations perform, and fundraising for them is just a small way that I can pay them back."


Support Geth and Rape Crisis here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/geth-rees



For Books' Sake

FuriesOrder your paperback version now!


FURIES is the first poetry collection from For Books’ Sake, compiled following an open call for submissions that attracted over 700 entries from across the globe.


The FURIES poetry anthology is edited by Eve Lacey, and includes a foreword from Jenni Fagan, acclaimed author of The Panopticon.


Published in October 2014 to coincide with National Poetry Day, 50% of profits from the collection are donated to Rape Crisis England & Wales and it has raised us a fantastic £1,750 so far.


FURIES features both emerging and established voices, including published and prize-winning authors from Imtiaz Dharker to Rebecca Goss to Patience Agbabi. Within these pages you’ll find some of the best women’s writing out there today, united in celebration of women warriors past, present and future.


Kindle edition also available.


"To be voiceless is to question whether one even exists — so listen to these voices — for all of those who cannot speak out and for all those who are waiting to hear these words and know them as their own; to all those who understand that rape is a war we must all continue to challenge and fight in every country, every day, from now until the human race finally, truly, evolves. Until then — let it be known that we stood side-by-side on the long road home and said, enough is enough." Jenni Fagan



The Hairy Truth

In June last year, Rape Crisis supporter Jennifer Drewett raised an amazing £1,229.75 for us when she was sponsored to shave off all her hair! 


Jenny continues to support and fundraise for us, with this year's initiatives including a signed suitcase, parties and quizzes. Find your own fundraising inspiration by perusing her blog here.



Sex, Drugs & HIV

Sex drugs and HIVMat Sargent started the Sex, Drugs 'n' HIV project 19 years ago in 1995 because he wanted to give something back to the charities that helped him on his journey in life.


At the time he started recording the first HIV sessions, he had just left punk band CHELSEA and joined SHAM 69. He knew musicians from various bands from being on the road and meeting people backstage etc, a lot of them became his friends, so he asked them to guest on the album.


19 years, 200 artists and 40 tracks later, the CD has been on sale since November 2014 and has already raised £1,000 for each of the four charities, including Rape Crisis England & Wales.


Find out more and buy your copy via the website.


These are just a few of our amazing friends, supporters, funders and fundraisers. We'll aim to update the projects featured here every few months so we can showcase as many of these fabulous people and groups as possible. Do you know someone who's fundraised for Rape Crisis and deserves a shout-out? Why not let us know?